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Auto Dealer Marketing Shifts Online in Competitive Economy

In order to grow local dealerships, many general managers have shifted marketing dollars from radio, television, and print to online auto dealer marketing. Consumers are looking online for cars more than any other resource and that means search engine optimization and other forms of online marketing are taking the lion’s share of the marketing budgets for the best producing auto dealerships.

Auto dealer marketing has become increasingly more competitive as fewer buyers in the market which means stiffer competition. Top auto dealers are pulling out all the stops in their quest to increase their market share. Auto dealerships are also competing head-to-head with competitors as well as same-brand dealerships. The closing of thousands of auto dealerships has lessened the competition between same-brand dealerships, though that competition remains. Brand competition has increased dramatically in competition as dealerships try to capture their local markets.

The first step in beating the competition with auto dealer marketing is to know your target market and understand how they are searching for your vehicles. Keyword research is an important consideration whether you are engaging in a search engine optimization plan or a pay-per-click campaign.

Once you have a good sense of how people are searching for you it is important that you engage in a SEO and online marketing campaign that makes sense. You want to consider which pages on your website you optimize for which keywords. You do not want someone looking for a luxury sedan to find the page for your introductory model, or vice versa. With the market shrinking you need to engage in an aggressive SEO campaign designed to increase your market share.

Typically an automotive marketing agency will have more than one or more target markets, perhaps even one target market for each model of vehicle they sell. It is important for the team handling your marketing to try to get into the heads of your target market and see how they search online.

The most effective form of auto dealer marketing is search engine optimization and Internet marketing. Offering the highest return on investment (ROI), online marketing competition has heated up. The most savvy auto dealers are investing in both immediate and long term efforts to get more traffic to their website and more buyers into their dealership.

For auto dealer marketing to work effectively there needs to be an integrated effort. The goal is not simply to bring traffic to your website. The goal is to drive buyers to your dealership.

Auto dealer marketing has become increasingly more important as the competition in the industry has heated up. With fewer buyers shopping for new and used cars, auto dealers are competing more heavily than ever before. More details here:

Traditional forms of auto dealer marketing have taken a backseat to online marketing. Consumers are flocking to the Internet to research cars and find dealerships. New and used cars are searched for online more than any other resources. Thousands of potential buyers are searching for cars sitting on your lot today!

Effective use of online promotions, email marketing, online public relations in combination with search engine optimization can increase your sales and keep your sales team happy.