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5 Inspiring Car Marketing Examples for Dealership Marketers

Every car dealer is looking for that awesome marketing idea but the truth is we are sometimes too busy to think it through. If you have some time, here are some inspiring car marketing examples for dealership marketers that are surprisingly rewarding.

Use YouTube and Video

It is an intimidating experience to go to a car dealership but if you have been researching the car that you want and you have found the dealerships YouTube channel and start watching videos and they have got the whole experience online and you get to know their sales people there is a story behind the dealership there is really a connection there and that is going to make your dealership stand out amongst the rest. It is going to make a consumer want to deal with you as opposed to somebody else because they already know who you are and it takes away that kind of intimidating factor of going into the dealership, so for dealerships YouTube and video content is number one.

Give Your Customers The Most Information That You Can

People are constantly looking online for answers and if you can give them the answers you will be one step ahead. So definitely go on your website to have a question and answer section and list all the questions that people may have on there. You can even do videos as well to answer these questions that they may want answers to. Read more.

Have a Real Time Connection With Your Online Customers

So whether it is chat or being available any time if they send you an inquiry make sure that you respond within 15 minutes really unless it is after midnight you should be responding to those within 15 minutes. Make sure the sales people’s emails go to their phones so that when there is an inquiry somebody gets back to that person within 15 minutes. People want quick answers and they would want to associate with a dealership that knows that time is valuable and that when they are interested in something they are interested in now.

Get Everybody on Board

Make sure that your team knows what you are doing in online doing what your strategy is for social media don’t just put up a Facebook page make sure that your team knows that you are uploading videos so that you can create a connection with your customers. Get everybody involved that way when there’s events or things that happen around the dealership that you know could be engaging content then everybody on your stuff will know to pull out their cell phone and take a photo or a video that will help you guys out immensely.

There are many forms inspiration can come from but those that have tried and tested works magic. There are lots of possibilities for car dealerships in these marketing examples, do not be afraid to make use of any of these ideas in your dealership and make it to work for your business. For more details, visit: